‘A vicious, thuggish Nazi-style party’: Political figures across Manchester unite against the BNP

By Robbie Gill

The BNP are being lambasted by political figures throughout Manchester with the by-election only days away.

Figures from across the political spectrum have joined forces to dissuade voters from a protest vote by highlighting the dangers the party pose to equality and democracy.

The BNP’s Manchester Central by-election candidate Eddy O’Sullivan has campaigned on the basis of mass change to housing and council salaries while claiming to be the most democratic party in British politics.

Meanwhile, Salford’s BNP organiser Gary Tumulty said: “The housing crisis is a huge issue, local houses for local people is our solution, we will remove the unfair bidding system, which allows minorities to be favoured.

“We are the only party to say what the silent majority of people think, but while other parties are scared to speak out, in fear of being called silly names like ‘racists’ we are not.”

However, this stance has been slammed by Mike Killian of Greater Manchester Unite Against Fascism as being a smokescreen, labeling them a ‘vicious, thuggish Nazi-style party.’

He said: “The BNP pretend to take an interest in issues like housing but this is a cover for their real agenda, the expulsion of black and Asian people to create their nightmare vision of ‘an all-white Britain’.

“This is the same sort of political program that Hitler attempted in relation to the Jews of Europe in the 1940’s.  

“BNP fascists in Greater Manchester like Gary Tumulty have openly called for non-white people to be denied access to Council services such as housing.”

Mr Tumluty claimed that the party would connect with the people of Salford by doing ‘exactly what they had been elected to do.’

However, Hazel Blears MP said there were dangers of ignoring the true nature of the BNP’s political stance and ridiculed the idea they would represent the people.

She said: “We have a strong sense of community here in Salford and that helps to explain why the divisive politics of hate preached by the BNP have been rejected.

“Politics should be about bringing people together and working for everyone in our society – something the BNP will never do.

“I recently visited the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland, where more than 1.3 million people were killed by the Nazis. We should never forget where the extremist ideas of the far right can lead.”

The BNP have not only been criticised by the left of the political spectrum, their policies have been chastised by Leader of the Salford Conservative Group Karen Garrido.

She said: “Their policies are racist and they peddle lies and play on people’s fears. Democracy means that there is the chance of these extremist views surfacing.

“But if you believe in democratic ideals and freedom of speech you have to expose them for what they are. They are abhorrent and evil.”

Mr Tumulty also campaigns for the well being of the NHS, arguing that cuts to translation services and red tape would prevent cuts elsewhere.

He said: “Cuts to front line NHS costs lives, and this must never be an option, again chief executives and pen pushers must be asked to take a pay cut.

“Interpretation and translations services for consultations are eating a massive hole in the budget it must stop.”

This has also been branded a rouse by Mr Killian, who said that this contradicts the BNP’s historical stance on the British institution born in Manchester and under threat from radical changes to its very nature.

He said: “At a time when the National Health Service is being hit by funding cuts and privatisation, it’s important to remember the BNP’s hostility to the NHS, which they have always considered to be a communistic plot.

“The BNP have nothing to offer working people, pensioners or young people – their message of hatred and division would make it harder for us to defend vital services and living standards during times of economic crisis and austerity.”

The party claims to stand for inclusion, but were heavily criticised as black and Asian people were only allowed to join from 2010. Mr Tumluty staunchly defends this by criticising the membership policy of minority group Operation Black Vote.

He said: “Why don’t you ask Operation Black Vote what they base their membership on? Just because black and Asian people were not allowed to join the party, doesn’t mean we denied them their say.”

Though many argue this ignores the issues surrounding the formation of the group, at a time when black communities were subject to severe political pressure and victimised for seeking safe haven in Britain.

Simon Woolley, OBV director has highlighted the importance of fighting far right ideology, describing such groups as ‘blatant racists masquerading as democrats.’

The BNP have also stood up against wasted money in the council, attacking executive pay and branding Ian Stewart and Barbara Spicer ‘greedy and overpaid.’

However, Mr Tumulty has received criticism for submitting 140 Freedom of Information requests.

He defended this by claiming to be providing a service rather than wasting council time and funds.

He said: “I always ask the council departments the necessary questions first, but it seems they have a communist attitude and don’t like to be questioned because they think they are the authority.”

Although the party have worked hard to change their public perception, Mr Killian has mocked these attempts, citing multiple examples of the party showing their true colours.

He said: “BNP leader Nick Griffin recently called for BNP thugs to demonstrate at the home of a gay couple who had successfully challenged anti-gay discrimination in the courts.

“Griffin was also convicted of incitement of racial hatred in the 1990’s for publishing a sick article in a Nazi magazine denying the horrors of the Holocaust.

“A former BNP youth organiser, Mark Collett, was exposed saying that white families would have been better off bringing up their children in Hitler’s Germany than in Oldham today.

“Greater Manchester Unite Against Fascism calls on the voters of Manchester Central to vote for mainstream parties in the election on November 15.

“Let’s unite to keep Griffin, O’Sullivan and the rest of the BNP’s fascists where they belong – in the gutter.”

Picture courtesy of BNP YouTube, with thanks.

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