Dead MP’s alleged sex abuse of young boys in home must be investigated, Simon Danczuk urges police

By Dean Wilkins

Allegations that a former Lib Dem routinely abused young boys while serving in Parliament were unleashed by a Rochdale MP today.

Sir Cyril Smith is the latest high-profile public figure to be accused of child sex abuse after Simon Danczuk slammed the former MP for decades of scandal across the town.

Larger-than-life Sir Cyril, who died in 2010 while tipping to scales close to 30st, was previously accused of abusing children at a home in Rochdale during the 1960s and 70s – but Mr Danczuk demanded an investigation into people ‘turning a blind eye’.

“As we have seen from the recent Rochdale grooming trial there has been a willingness to turn a blind eye to child abuse in our town, and I believe this extends to the heart of Rochdale’s political establishment,” he said.

“It is well known that Sir Cyril Smith was dogged by accusations of child abuse and I have recently spoken to people in Rochdale who have first-hand knowledge of the serious allegations made against him.

“Because of this I feel it’s absolutely necessary that police files on the alleged abuse of children at Cambridge House boys’ hostel finally see the light of day so we can get to the truth of what happened.”

Police were alerted to claims of abuse by Smith at the hostel but the case was dropped and no follow up action was ever taken.

Nine men were sentenced to a total of 96 years in jail as part Greater Manchester Police’s largest ever investigation into child sexual exploitation earlier this year.

The inquiry focused on allegations that five teenage girls in Rochdale were sexually exploited over a period of time by a group of 11 men.

A Parliamentary select committee are investigating the failings by social services that allowed the town’s most vulnerable girls to be targeted for sex by men.

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