R UV UGLY? Alarming skin damage caused by sun and tanning machines revealed at Manchester Arndale

By Glen Keogh

The startling damage sunbeds and UV rays can have on the skin of Manchester tan fans is now available to see through ground-breaking photography.

Cancer Research UK’s R UV UGLY team has brought a hi-tech UV photo booth to the Arndale Centre offering free ‘under the skin’ facial scans to city centre shoppers today.

The scans reveal the cosmetic damage and premature ageing caused by over exposure to UV rays.

Caroline Cerny, senior health campaigns manager at Cancer Research UK, said: “Following an alarming increase in malignant melanoma rates in young people in the region, the R UV UGLY roadshow is making an important stop in Manchester. 

“We hope that by giving the city’s youngsters a sneak preview of what using sunbeds is doing to their looks, we can convince them that a sunbed tan is not the answer to fending off the winter gloom.”

With around 12 sunbed salons per 100,000 people in Manchester, the region has one of the UK’s highest concentrations of sunbed salons, and  MM discovered the potentially lethal damage caused by exposure first-hand.

As well as making us look old before our time, UV rays from sunbeds and the sun can damage the DNA in our skin.

Over time this damage can build up and potentially lead to skin cancer.

The state-of-the-art skin-scanning technology currently being offered to shoppers in the Arndale Centre gives visitors a close up of damage which is often invisible to the naked eye caused by over-exposure to UV, whether it is from sunbeds or the sun.

The R UV UGLY roadshow, which will continue across the UK after Manchester, is targeting 15 to 34-year-olds.

The rates of malignant melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer, have more than doubled in this age group in the North West over the last twenty years.

UV’LL DO: Extent of skin damage caused by sun revealed by high-tech photo booth

To somebody who doesn’t use sunbeds at all, it was a shock to see the damage caused by even small exposure to UV rays, as shown in the photograph above.

Suzanne Rollinson, a therapist from Sk:n, who are operating the photo booth in the Arndale Centre noted how many young people don’t realise the potentially devastating effects that sunbeds can have on the skin.

A lot of those who had already received a facial scan today, especially young women, were taken aback at the damage caused often due to long-term sunbed use.

Figures also show that even using a sunbed just once a month or more could increase the chance of developing skin cancer by more than 50%.

Ms Cerny added: “As well as increasing a person’s risk of skin cancer, sunbeds could leave them with wrinkles, leathery skin and age spots. So we’re inviting Manchester sunbed users to come and see for themselves the damage that might be lurking beneath their skin.”

By exposing the ugly truth beneath the tan, Cancer Research UK’s initiative aims to deter people from hitting the sunbeds this winter.

The pictures taken in Manchester will be available free to take home.

Recipients will also receive expert advice from specialists Sk:n, who will explain the cosmetic damage shown on the UV scanner and advise on how to avoid further damage in the future.

For those who can’t attend the roadshow, Sk:n clinics around the UK are offering free R UV UGLY scans.

To book one call 0800 028 7222 quoting ‘R UV UGLY SKIN SCAN’. 

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