Comedian brings dead grandmother on stage

By Bethany English

An amateur comedian brought an urn he claimed contained the ashes of his grandmother on stage with him last night at a Manchester comedy club.

Stuart Mitchell, a charity worker from Glasgow, also claimed he will soon be a household name after winning this week’s Beat the Frog comedy competition at the Frog and Bucket.

Mitchell believes his black, edgy style will launch him onto the professional comedy circuit though he has seldom performed in England before.

He said: “I was quite nervous about the performance but I’ve got high goals for the future”.

Nevertheless Mitchell is confident he will be as famous as his hero Lee Mack in the next 5 years. His victory in the competition was met with raucous applause.  

Compeer John Warburton saw the night as a success.

Mr Warburton said: “The crowd are fantastic, the staff are fantastic, the only problem is they don’t give us free drinks”. 

He called Manchester a great comedy venue and said it had not been adversely affected by the recession.

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