Anti-Apartheid vicar to speak at Manchester Cathedral

By Kevin McHugh

A vicar who fought against the repressive regime in Apartheid-era South Africa will speak at Manchester Cathedral this Sunday.

The Dean of Cape Town, Michael Weeder, preached to underground ANC freedom fighters who opposed the notorious system of segregation and black repression in the country.

The reverend played an important role in the realisation of an apartheid free society by staging protests before the first free general elections in the country in 1994 led to a rewriting of the country’s constitution.  

The Very Reverend Weeder was invited to preach at the illustrious Cathedral by the Dean of Manchester, the Very Reverend Rogers Govender, who is also from South Africa.

Reverend Govender was himself a rector during the days of Apartheid until he emigrated to Manchester in 2002 when he became Priest-in-charge of Christ Church in West Didsbury, and was later installed as the first Black Cathedral Dean in England.

The vicar’s visit coincides with the UK Anti-Slavery Day, which was established in 2010 and will this year fall next Tuesday 18 October.

As a founding member of the December First Movement, an organisation that considers the impact of slavery, the day has particular significance to Reverend Weeder.  

The service will be held at Manchester Cathedral on Victoria Street at 10:30am. 

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