Alcohol-related deaths soar in Manchester, while drink-related hospital admissions double North West average

By Henry Vaughan

Alcohol-related hospital admissions in Manchester are nearly double the North West average, and deaths significantly higher, new figures show.

In Manchester, 120,815 admissions were caused by alcohol compared to the regional average of 62,441, and there were 184 deaths compared to 112.

The findings, taken from the Alcohol Harm Map, are the first complete picture of alcohol-related health costs by local authority, revealing that admissions in Manchester cost a total of £31.9million in 2010/11, equating to £95 per adult.

Manchester Community Alcohol Team leader Alison Rodriguez said: “The Alcohol Concern Alcohol Harm Map underlines that attitudes to drinking in Manchester need to change.”

The cost of admission to men is almost twice that of women, with 25-54 year olds and 55-74 year olds costing £9.9million and £9.8million respectively.

Overall, 22% are drinking at a level that increases the risk to health, but Alison Rodriguez says that help is at hand and advises people to limit alcohol intake by drinking less strong drinks, having two alcohol free days a week or keeping a diary of how much they drink each day.

She added: “Taking steps like these can make a real difference as drinking less now will lead to a much healthier future.”

For a free self-help pack text DRINK to 87805, or click here for information.

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