BREAKING NEWS: Manchester’s homeowners ‘most at risk’ of eviction nationally, according to Shelter report

By Mihaela Ivantcheva

Manchester’s homeowners are some of those most at risk nationally of eviction, according to a report released by the housing and homeless charity Shelter yesterday.

While the capital shows the highest risk of eviction, Manchester follows close behind. One in every 111 people in Manchester, London and Slough are faced with the risk to be evicted from their homes.

The report also found a close correlation between unemployment and the risk of eviction. The areas with high unemployment rates tend to be hit hardest by high eviction rates.

As of April 2010 – March 2011 the unemployment rate for Manchester is 11.30 per cent. With unemployment rates in the UK reaching record highs and worrying youth unemployment in Manchester, the danger of being evicted grows.

The charity also has analysed rates of repossession claims issued by private and social landlords and by mortgage lenders for homes in every local authority in England.

Repossession claims are an indicator that households are struggling with rent or mortgage payments, which puts their homes at serious risk. One third of the 93,500 mortgage possession claims lodged in the UK in 2009 turned into repossessions the following year.

While London boroughs show the highest rate of claims, Manchester follows with approximately 17 out of 1,000 homes with mortgage repossession claims. On a regional level, Manchester tops the list.

Campbell Robb, chief executive of Shelter, said: “As Christmas approaches, this research paints a frightening picture of thousands of families living every day with the fear of losing their home hanging over their heads. It is sobering to see that so many communities are blighted by the risk of eviction.”

“Shelter research shows that a third of people are already struggling with their housing costs or falling behind on payments. In these unforgiving conditions, it only takes one thing – illness, job loss or relationship breakdown – to lead to things spiralling out of control and into homelessness,” Mr Robb added.

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