Delighted Salford Quays organisations help bring multi-industry comedy conference to North West

By Daniel Golding

Jubilant organisations in Salford Quays are delighted to have helped bring a pan-industry comedy conference to the North West on 12th October.

Quays-based The Lowry will stage the free event and Vision+Media will be hosting along with the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky.

It will be open for 200 candidates to join debates and sessions discussing issues affecting broadcasting comedy by critics, producers and on-screen personalities.

Sector Lead of Broadcasting, Music and Publishing at Vision+Media Maureen Walker said: “We are delighted to support the companies and give them our knowledge of companies and writers. I am absolutely delighted.”

She added: “We’ve been trying this past year to get as many commissioners north as we can – it’s the usual London bias. This proves that they see us as experts.”

Vision+Media will aim to provide North West businesses with access to UK broadcast commissioners, and have been invited to influence the conference’s agenda.

Corporate Sales Manager at The Lowry Sally Anderson said: “We are delighted to host all the major broadcasters for such a unique and exciting event.

“Our location, next to MediaCity, is ideal for them and we look forward to continuing to develop this relationship.”

The event comes a week before the Manchester Comedy Festival, 17th-30th October, and there are unconfirmed rumours about a three-day BBC comedy showcase to be staged simultaneously.

Full details are yet to be announced but it is a rare opportunity for new and independent comedy writers to network with producers.

Maureen said that writers would have a better chance of getting material read if they had already worked with a production company.

BBC North Director Peter Salmon said: “Some of the greatest comedy and comedic talent, past and present, come from across the North of England.”

Vision+Media will be part of the new national support organisation Creative England which will be also launched in October.

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