Spice up your life! Eating chillies can help you lose weight, says Manchester university researcher

By Hannah Hulme

Spicing up your life could help you lose weight, according to a new paper by a PhD researcher from Manchester Metropolitan University.

In a recent paper, researcher Stephen Whiting, 31 from Sale, found that there are actually no less than three fat fighting benefits to consuming foods containing the chemical capsaicin, which is responsible for making chillies ‘hot’.

The spicy peppers work to increase metabolism, help burn more calories and tell the body to burn lipids, which reduce fat stores and appetite.

Capsaicin works by causing an adrenaline release similar to that created by the body’s ‘fight or flight mechanism’, which increases energy expenditure and reduces appetite.

Chillies also affect the body’s hormone level, to further reduce appetite.

Although the reason for the targeted burning of lipids has yet to be uncovered, Mr Whiting is confident that consuming spicy vegetables will help people to trim down.

“If you eat chilli consistently for a good period of time, yes it will help you lose weight,” said Mr Whiting.

“I also found that it has its greatest effect on central obesity, that is, the fat found round the stomach, which is the unhealthiest type of fat.”

Spicy food has long been regarded as a useful tool to aid weight loss.

Celebrities such as Beyonce and Naomi Campbell made famous the maple syrup and cayenne pepper diet and thousands of weight loss websites champion spicy foods as a tool to ‘boost metabolism’.

However, Mr Whiting’s research is the first to compile the triple-action weight loss benefits of capsaicin.

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