Is your lover selfish in bed? They probably are if you live in Manchester, claims new sex study

By Dean Wilkins

Your partner is more likely to be selfish in bed if you live in Manchester, according to new research carried out by a money saving website. questioned 2,672 men and women from across the UK following an increase in sex toy purchasing in Wales.

The study found that Mancunians are the third most selfish bedroom lovers in the country, with 68 percent of them declaring their own pleasure as more important than their partner’s.

George Charles, marketing director of, said: “At first, we weren’t sure that there would be a correlation between the rise in searches for ‘sex toys’ from the Welsh area on site and whether or not people from there were considerate lovers, but now it appears there may well be.

“A lot of northern places seemed to be the greediest in bed, but Londoners and those from Cardiff and Swansea seem to be a safe bet. We wanted to have a bit of fun with this and just see what results came back. Perhaps it’s a guide to which people are best to start dating!”

The study analysed users’ IP address on search entries for sex toys to determine their location in the country and asked people if they put their partner’s enjoyment above theirs.

The following places appeared to be home to the most selfless lovers:

Cardiff – 71%
Swansea – 64%
London – 59%
Birmingham – 57%
York – 48%

The most selfish lovers were as follows:

Glasgow – 82%
Bristol – 77%
Manchester – 68%
Newcastle – 53%
Liverpool – 41%

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