‘I’m convinced it’s Alfred in there!’ Manchester mum buys dog only to find it’s dead granddad reincarnated

By Dean Wilkins

When a young Manchester mum-of-two took her sons to buy a new family friend the last thing she expected to find was the reincarnation of her granddad… but Alfie the Jack Russell has all the traits of the deceased war veteran.

Wigan mum Lisa Wilson bought Alfie as a pup and from the first day she took him home there was something different about him.

Mrs Wilson’s grandfather Alfred died five years ago from a heart attack, but his family have been able to carry on with their lives happily as his distinct characteristics are identical in the three-year-old pooch.

“As soon as I saw him in the shop I knew he would be the perfect addition to our family,” Mrs Wilson told MM. “And as the years have gone by Alfie gets more and more like my granddad.

“He walks with a limp in his back leg just like Alfred did and they both have an obsession with eating ginger biscuits – not that I can give Alfie as many as he’d like!

“He even gets nasty and moody if you try and wake him up, I’m convinced it’s Alfred in there!”

Second World War veteran Alfred lived with his wife Ellen at their cottage in Buxton and used to look after Mrs Wilson’s children in the school holidays.

His loss had a tragic impact on the family but his reincarnation is helping her sons overcome the death of their granddad.

“Joshua and Ryan were absolutely devastated after his death,” Mrs Wilson added. “But since we got Alfie it’s like he’s with us every day – the only difference is that Alfie’s scared of the pigeons in the park.

“People might think I’m crazy but I’m not, we know it’s him.

“Alfie sometimes wears his food bowl on his head and we think it reminds him of wearing a helmet during the war.”

As man’s best friend, a canine has always been a special thing for a person to have in their life – but to have the spirit of a missed grandparent live on is something that many will never be able to enjoy.

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