Own Michael Jackson or a life-size Keith Lemon: Fear not festive fusspots, turn to eBay for special Christmas gifts

By Matt Davies

Christmas is quickly approaching and in a bid to find alternative festive gifts, MM visited the eccentric, weird and wacky world of eBay.

People say you really can find anything on eBay and by spending just a few minutes on the hit internet trading site it is very easy to see why.

There really is something for everyone, regardless of finances or individual tastes, including these festive gems that are guaranteed to make you laugh or smile this Christmas season.

Or what better way to replace your Christmas tree than with a life-size cut-out of Keith Lemon?

The star of television’s Celebrity Juice can bring festive cheer to any home, and at an affordable price.

It does not necessarily need to be Keith either, with almost any celebrity imaginable available in life-size form on the site.

For those Bieleber’s among us Justin Bieber is available, as is Madonna for the synthesising, perm-missing, 80s-hailing parents.

Instead, if money is no object this Christmas, then why not stump up just over three million pounds for Michael Jackson’s domain name.

An offer of $5million is enough to purchase for those of us with an unhealthy love of the deceased pop star.

For social media addicts taking a shower can be the worst time of the day (or week depending on the severity of the addiction) but with a Facebook profile splash curtain the process can become a whole lot easier.

The curtain is perfect to spruce up a dull bathroom and gives your shower purpose in the cyber world, a platform to connect with other washers, befriend old school mates, master the art of online farming or eye-up the cleaning candy in pictures.

But of course, ideas are there to give you something to tailor for your loved one – and whatever gift you end up receiving from ‘kooky uncle’ be sure to smile and enjoy the holidays while they last.

Or if a gift is so infuriating, so annoyingly unadventurous that it makes you want to snatch yours back and pocket the cash, then a bacon smell car freshener could be an inviting choice.

Hand to vegetarians or drivers who are fond of the window-down style and watch as neighbourhood dogs run riot down the street.

That should show them for thinking boiled sweets are on par with a complete, limited edition box set of James Bond films.

Here are some other ideas for inspiration to surprise your family and friends we found while scouring for potential pressies, but beware the items belong to another lucky winner now.

In a bid to make your loved one feel incredibly special this Christmas, why not invest in a golden teddy-bear?

German manufacturers Steiff, famed for their high quality stuffed animals and teddy-bears, are celebrating 125 years of business by producing made to order golden silk mohair and gold fibre bears.

The eyes of the unique teddy are two six-carat deep blue sapphires surrounded by forty diamonds totalling approximately one carat, with the mouth and nose made from 24 carat fine gold.

A 24 carat gold button goes through the bear’s ear and a jubilee medallion around its neck is also 24 carat gold, said to be the finest and purest form of gold.

The golden silk mohair has gold fibre hand knotted in to it, giving the bear an incredible glow and Steiff have described it as the ultimate teddy bear.

Only 125 of these anniversary bears are being made making it an ideal, although very valuable, present for Christmas.

Alternatively you could just buy a normal teddy bear for twenty quid and save your precious pennies for a mortgage.

But Christmas is a time for food and waist-stretching, so what better way to tuck in to your Christmas pudding than with a super-spoon?

An action figure with a spoon for a head and moveable arms and legs means your cereal-scooper can sit or stand on the table this festive season.

This collectable piece sold for a bargain price and you could have your own for all-year-round enjoyment.

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