Actress Chloe Sevigny sparks Twitter backlash after slamming Manchester as ‘grim’

By Owen Williams

Hollywood actress Chloe Sevigny sparked an internet backlash today after calling Manchester ‘one of the grimmest places’ she’s ever been to.

Commenting upon her return to her New York home, she said: “I hardly had any visitors. I was so alone. And it rained every day I was there.”

She spent five months in the city filming her latest television series, Hit and Miss, which is written by Paul Abbott, writer of Shameless and is the first original drama commissioned by Sky Atlantic.

The ferocious online backlash on Twitter hit fever pitch today with many users adding #Chloewho to their tweet’s on the matter.

Former X-factor contestant and Manchester based singer, Rowetta commented: “It’s funny but I honestly don’t’ know who she is.”

“If she’s going to have that attitude then good riddance. Clearly just doesn’t ‘get’ Manchester. #Chloewho?” said Alex Mee (@alexmee91).

Sevigny is no stranger to controversy however. She played serial killer Patrick Bateman’s secretary in American Psycho, a member of a polygamous family in Big Love and in 2003 hit the headlines because of her unsimulated oral sex scene with Vincent Gallo in The Brown Bunny.

In her latest role she plays pre-op transsexual contract killer, Mia, whose life gets turned upside down when she receives a letter from an ex, who is dying of cancer, saying that 11 years previously she had fathered a son.

The series follows her as she travels to a small village in Yorkshire to meet her son and the rest of her ex’s children and according to Sky Atlantic it is a drama ‘about family, sexual identity and killing’.

The show is due to start airing in May this year.

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