Apple’s iPad 3 launch sees hundreds queue, some through the night, at Manchester Arndale store

By Claire Holdon

Apple’s new iPad 3 was welcomed with queues of hundreds at Manchester Arndale’s store for the device’s launch today.

At 3 o’clock this morning the Apple store saw its first customer of the day, waiting patiently for the shop to open its doors so he could get his hands on the very first new iPad to be sold there.

The store had seen queues 250 strong before their doors opened at 8am.

One new iPad owner Nicki White, from Astley, said: “I’m very excited, very giddy!

“It’s like buying a new car with the brand new registration plate.”

With Apple notorious for creating a stir with each new product release, can their latest offering really live up to the hype, and will it meet the high expectations of so many dedicated Apple customers?

The iPad 3 is undeniably easy on the eye, having kept the sleek aluminium back and having no buttons cluttering the 9.7 inch screen aside from the home button.

The chic design is a high price to pay however when Apple decided to not include a USB port, making life difficult for those who want to download files from the iPad to another device.

The New iPad, as it is formally known, contains several new features.

It has the ability to capture 1080p HD video footage and a new ultra-sharp screen resolution thanks to a powerful A5X chip that increases the pixilation to 3.1million – one million more than the average HDTV.

The new iPad has super fast connectivity, designed to support 4G LTE with mobile antennas that access a larger frequency spectrum than previous iPads.

This makes connecting to the internet easier than ever. In theory.

It is of course the case that 4G is available on US wireless networks AT&T and Verizon, but it is unsupported by British networks.

Paul Lawler, 40, from Gorton, said that he did not know much about the new model before he made his purchase.

Mr Lawler said: “I bought it for the new music apps, and because it is portable. I work in a studio, so now I can do my studio work on it.”

Although the New iPad has some impressive developments it would seem Apple are aware that their pulling power with the iPad range is limited, how many times can they entice people to splash out hundreds on their latest offering?

By not including a number in the name of their new product, as with the iPod and the MacBook Pro, Apple seem to have decided that this tablet is here to stay.

It is the ultimate must-have item of the moment, and the attraction of a new toy is clearly enough to spend hundreds of pounds on a product that is only marginally different from its predecessor.

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