Psychiatric care patient admits manslaughter four years after stabbing sister and mother at Wigan home

By Dean Wilkins

A man in psychiatric care has admitted to stabbing his sister and mother to death at their Wigan home four years ago.

John Rao, 44, of Greenwood Street, Standish, was deemed fit to plea in court and admitted manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility at Liverpool Crown Court today.

Rao was sentenced to an indefinite hospital order after stabbing his 73-year-old mother Leela and 43-year-old sister Geeta. His mother died four months later of pneumonia as a result of the attack.

Detective Chief Inspector Phil Reade said: “This is a tragedy that has devastated a whole family and left two children without a mother and grandmother.

“Not even the time that has gone by makes this any easier but I hope that today’s outcome allows them to move forward and continue rebuilding their lives.”

Rao had a history of mental illness and erratic behaviour and often argued with his sister and mother as a result.

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