Save Trafford General campaign forced to call on David Cameron as health bosses ‘don’t take a blind bit of notice’

By James McLaughlin

Thousands of signatures opposing NHS cuts at Trafford General Hospital will be handed to Downing Street this week.

The 12,500-strong petition has been gathered by the ‘Save Trafford General’ campaign which opposes proposed reductions in services at the hospital.

Public consultation is set to close at the end of October but the campaign will present their petition to Downing Street on Thursday.

Mr Finnegan said: “Health bosses have shown throughout their flawed consultation that they will not take a blind bit of notice of the overwhelming public opposition and the unanimous all-party opposition of Trafford Council.

“We have no choice but to go over the heads of health bosses to the Prime Minister to present the Trafford public’s case for services to stay open at the birthplace of our NHS.”

NHS proposals – entitled ‘A New Health Deal for Trafford’ – plan to reduce accident and emergency facilities as well as cutting acute surgery, intensive care and children’s services at the hospital.

The consultation has come under criticism from local MPs and residents after delays in information packs being delivered to residents.

A spokesperson for the NHS said: “We are pleased with the current level of response to the new health deal for Trafford public consultation.


“A steady flow of postal and online responses are being submitted every day, and the process continues to be reviewed to ensure that it meets the aims of the consultation.

“At the end of the consultation period all the responses will be independently analysed, and the views and opinions of the general public will be used to inform the final recommendation regarding the proposal.”

In response to residents’ comments, NHS Trafford have announced an additional two meetings to the consultation scheduled for next week.

The campaign will also hold a candlelit vigil and procession to mark the end of the public consultation on October 31.

Campaign co-ordinator, Joanne Harding said: “I am hugely proud of this community campaign and of all that we have done to make the case for vital services at Trafford General. We have worked tirelessly with local people for their NHS and their local services.

“As a community campaign we have been really heartened and encouraged over the last 18 months by the support of local people who have been prepared to stand up and fight for what they believe in.”

For information and to get involved in the public consultation click here.

For details of the campaign opposing the proposals, click here.

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