‘Democracy only in name’: Pirate Party candidate disheartened by Manchester Central by-election turnout

By John Paul Shammas

Questions are being asked following a disastrously low voter turnout that saw Labour coast to an easy by-election victory last night.

It was the worst turnout in any UK parliamentary election since the Second World War, standing at just above 18%.

Lucy Powell won ‘fair and square’ last night according to the Loz Kaye, the Pirate Party candidate and leader, however he believes something must be done to inspire people to the polls.

He said: “No-one can be happy with the disastrously poor turnout of yesterday’s election. Time and again we heard during the campaign that people were alienated and were planning not to vote.

“Lucy Powell won the election fair and square. But we all have to ask ourselves what we can do to involve more people in the democratic process – otherwise it is democracy in name only.”

But the now-MP Lucy Powell doesn’t seem too concerned as will she celebrated a victory that marks a 17% swing towards Labour in the constituency.

Taking to Twitter this morning, the victorious candidate said: “Overwhelmed and humbled by all the lovely messages I’ve received from Mcr ppl, well-wishers, old friends & colleagues, & others. Amazing.”

Meanwhile it’s back to the drawing board for Loz Kaye after a long campaign, but he doesn’t seem too down.

He said: “The Pirate Party is staying right here in Manchester – there is too much work to be done on holding the council to account, supporting marginalised communities and advocating for civil liberties.

“I’m looking forward to it, maybe after a couple days of sleep!”

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