Eurozone could go into ‘uncharted territory’ if failing economies aren’t supported, Cameron warns in Manchester speech

By Ian Silvera

The Prime Minister David Cameron called for action from the eurozone states to support failing economies such as Greece at a speech to Manchester business leaders this morning.

Cameron warned that we are living in ‘perilous times’.

He said: “Turn on the TV news and you see the return of a crisis that never really went away.”

The PM added: “The euro area could go into uncharted territory if action is not taken.”

The youngest Prime Minister for 198 years explained that he has a clear task to keep Britain safe and does not want to ‘take the easy course, but the right course.’

The Oxford graduate also restated the encouraging news on unemployment.

Office of National Statistics (ONS) figures released yesterday show that the number of people in work is now up by 100,000 in the last financial quarter.

Cameron argued that Britain is moving in the right direction and that his government are doing everything we can to return this country to strong, stable economic growth.

The ex-public relations executive also stressed that Britain cannot ‘blow the budget on more spending and more debt’.

Cameron concluded that he could not predict how the eurozone crisis would end and pledged that the Coalition Government are attempting to get the deficit under control, get the foundations for recovery in place, and defend the long-term interests of Britain. 

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