Man admits to theft of grandmother’s handbag, as her dead body lay in road following Upper Brook Street horror collision

By Mancunian Matters staff

An opportunistic thief who stole the handbag of a grandmother killed by a lorry on Upper Brook Street, Manchester, caused ‘heartache’ to the family, a court heard today.

Sarwari Ashraf, 62, from Longsight, was died as she crossed the road, and her body was carried 130 metres away from her shoes and handbag.

Manchester Magistrates’ Court heard today that Marc Kirvin, 46, ran into the road and took her personal items only four minutes later.

Meanwhile Mrs Ashraf’s body still lay in the road.

Kirvin, from West Avenue, Altrincham, found the bag to contain £1,600 cash, which he pocketed. He admits to the theft.

He and his co-accused then drove off, split the money and dumped the shoes, her bag and the rest of its contents in a wheelie bin, the court heard.

Because the bag contained her identification and due to the horrific nature of the crash, which one passer-by described as ‘the most disturbing thing’ of their life, Mrs Ashraf was unable to have an immediate burial – as her Muslim faith dictated.

Instead, her family only realised she was missing when she failed to turn up for an agreed meeting the following day, claimed Jennifer Baines, prosecuting.

Sentencing was adjourned until June 20, when his co-accused – who is now in hospital following a separate road accident – will appear alongside him.


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