Funeral for toddler Jamie Heaton killed in Oldham explosion to be held in Shaw

By Mancunian Matters staff

The funeral of a toddler killed in the Oldham gas explosion will take place in Shaw this Thursday.

Two-year-old Jamie Heaton died in the tragic blast, which ripped through homes on Buckley Street, Shaw, on June 26.

The service will take place as East Crompton St James Church at midday, Jamie’s body will then be taken to Hollinwood Crematorium for a private burial.

Following his death, Jamie’s family said: “He adored his family his brother and sister, Jack and Jodie. They loved their cuddles and play fighting.”

They added: “Even though we only had a short time with Jamie, the time we had was special and his memory will live on through Jack and Jodie and everyone close to him.

“His personality was unique and amazing. Jamie was unique and amazing – we will miss everything about him.”

A 27-year-old man was hospitalised with 80% burns following the blast and following the destruction of homes and evacuation of hundreds of residents, more than £125,000 was donated in a relief fund to help victims.

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