Chicken hunter skewered: KFC-lover loses pants jumping fence leaving him dangling naked and a Facebook hit

By Dean Wilkins

An unfortunate chicken hunter came a cropper while trying to high jump a KFC fence in a huff as it all went wrong when his pants became caught on the railing, exposing himself to the rush hour traffic yesterday.

The Warrington KFC outlet was left in riot as passers-by were given an eye-full on the man’s exposed nether regions – but the tracksuit-less hero has become an instant hit across Manchester on Facebook.

Photos of the embarrassing event have been shared more than 1,100 times on Facebook and Twitter and parodies have rained across as the hungry hunter fell short.

One Facebook user said: “I was driving by and saw this poor guy and his friends… I guess I got more than I bargained for, in fact more than a bargain bucket. What a sight!”

Another user said: “This is ridiculous! How embarrassing I can’t imagine the shame of this happening in front of a dual carriageway.”

OH DEAR: Chicken hunter caught with pants down after leap of faith fails


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