‘I can be the alternative’: Pirate Party candidate for Manchester Central by-election says he’s got the answers

By John Paul Shammas

The mainstream parties lack the vision Manchester Central needs, according to the Pirate Party leader and candidate for November’s by-election.

Laurence Kaye, who stood in the 2011 Oldham East and Saddleworth by-election, is seeking to bring his party’s platform to the fore this November, proposing that he is the only one in the race who can genuinely bring fresh ideas.

Mr Kaye told MM: “The UK is in a dire financial position right now; we need fresh ideas which I can bring.”

The Manchester Central seat will be vacated in November as fifteen-year-servant to the constituency Tony Lloyd steps down to compete in the Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner election, also to be held in November.

Mr. Kaye believes this provides the people of Manchester to seek a genuine change.

“Tony Lloyd stepping down to stand as Police Commissioner gives the people of Manchester Central a chance to think about our future direction,” he said.

“We all know the damage the Conservatives and their helpers the Lib-Dems are doing to the North of England. But the real question is do we want more Labour? I’m happy to offer an alternative. The UK is in a dire financial position right now; we need fresh ideas which I can bring.

“I think even many Labour supporters will see their candidate Lucy Powell as a poor substitute for Tony Lloyd. The last thing Westminster needs is yet another grey professional politician.”

With Labour losing what was perceived to be a ‘safe seat’ in the Bradford West by-election earlier this year, Labour will be pulling out all the stops to ensure the same doesn’t happen again in Manchester Central.

Mr. Kaye could be excused for hoping to manufacture a similar shock; however should he achieve such a feat, he is urging people to take a rational approach to change.

He said: “We need to be careful of imagining that there are any quick fixes. The ‘Bradford spring’ slogan looks a bit empty now. I hope I respect Manchester more than it being a political stepping stone – I want real change right here.

“All the Pirate Party wants this election is a chance for the voters to get to know us, building on what we did in the local elections. Our ideas represent an alternative, and I want a Manchester Central where everyone really can get their fair share. It is up to us to show it is possible to restore faith in democracy, and give voters a reason to turn out on November 15.”

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