Oldham Age UK charity nominated in prestigious National Diversity Awards after inter-generational project

By Sam Taylor

An Oldham charity is nominated for most diverse age-related community group at the National Diversity Awards, to be held in Manchester on Friday.

Oldham Age UK have been running a 10 week long inter-generational and ethnic project involving older people voluntarily visiting primary school children across Manchester and sharing their favourite memories. 

Maggie Hurley, Oldham Age UK’s Volunteer & Community Co-ordinator, praised the project for its success in allowing the children to meet older people and boost their confidence. 

“The volunteers are lovely,” she said. “They have a great dedication to the kids.” 

The children have the chance to interact well with the volunteers on a one-on-one basis by asking them questions about their life and publishing a brief biography for the school.

One lucky child was able to ask volunteer Harivadan Chauhan, born in 1946, about the time he moved to Britain from India and Kathleen Barnes about her famous cousin, Donny Osmond.

The volunteers are even able to help show the children what their life was like. Edna Standring, who turns 93 this year, showed the children an empty munitions shell like the ones she helped produced during World War II.

“I’m super proud of the volunteers, they always say yes and get a lot from the kids,” Miss Hurley said. “The children become very mature as a result.”

The National Diversity Awards will be held at the Midland Hotel next Friday and will be hosted by TV star Brian Dowling. Details can be found on their website:

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