Get the festive feeling: Log cabin and Moose Bar joins ice rink at Spinningfields

By Mancunian Matters staff

Looking for a winter getaway this year? Now there’s no need to book expensive flights over to Canada – the mountain vibe has come to Manchester. And that also means you don’t need to fork out €9 a pint on the Swiss slopes….

The Moose Bar, complete with ice rink and Alpine-themed food, opens its log cabin-style doors to the public for the first time today.

The popular ice rink has returned for a fourth season to Spinningfields, and this time the Moose Bar provides a festive and cosy wind-down following a skating session.

Serving everything from mulled wine to warm spiced cider, along with a clove-scented and heated seating area complete with plush chill-out sofas and cabin-style benches, the venue is Manchester’s answer to the ski season.

Fran Goddard, Head of Communications & Events at Spinningfields, said: “The ice rink has been extremely successful over the last three years and we’re looking forward to welcoming it back this year.

“With the addition of the Moose Bar in Hardman Square and the Pop-up shops and the Oast House on The Avenue, there’ll be a really festive atmosphere throughout the estate.”

Providing the festive food at the Moose Bar are the Street Food Collective, who have taken the Alpine theme on and even added their own Mancunian twist.

Their menu includes a range of fondues, sizzling wild boar, moose burgers, and goulash amongst others. They even have the ‘Manchester Egg’, centered on a pickled egg in Bury black pudding, surrounded in breadcrumbs.

Jody Monteith, one of the Street Food Collective’s directors, said: “Our theme is all around the basis of people taking a gap year and experiencing new flavours in places like Switzerland, Canada, Germany etc and bringing some of those flavours here to Manchester.”

The Moose Bar enjoyed a press launch last night, to which 150 journalists, celebrities and other lucky Mancunians were invited to have a skate and sample various canapés exhibiting some of the cooking that will be on offer.

MM attended the event and enjoyed our first taste of real moose in the moose burger, as well as traditional pea and ham soup served in Wedgewood china cups, mini portions of delicious beef stroganoff and a range of sizzling fondues. Though the star of the show for some (though not all!) had to be the Manchester egg.

At the event, Jody said: “It’s been a really successful launch night and its good to see what we offer here has gone down so well. Bring on the opening night!”

The Moose Bar will be open from 18 November until 2 January. Visit here for more information.

You can find out more about the Street Food Collective by finding them on Facebook or Twitter @streetsidefood

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