Weird World: Drunk Devon man detained after ‘sex’ with ambulance and setting fire to peanut packet

By Suraj Radia

Having sex with an ambulance and setting fire to a packet of peanuts in a telephone box can get you arrested apparently – who knew?

That’s what happened to drunken Devonshire man Callum Ward who was caught on CCTV in November punching a bag of the salted snacks before lighting them on fire in a phone booth.

Clearly still yearning for more excitement, the 25-year-old proceeded to spread himself over the bonnet of an ambulance and simulate an array of sexual acts.

According to police logs reported in This is North Devon, an officer who saw the act said: “It looks as though he is attempting to make love to the front of the ambulance.”

Police had initially spotted the man they described as ‘in high spirits’ and told him to go home and sober up but he chose to harass citizens in Barnstaple bus station.

Mark Haddow, for the defence, told Barnstaple Magistrates Court: “He had a great deal of difficulty in standing up but despite this police were offering him the chance to go home.”

The court heard Ward then began shouting insults and swearing at a Scottish officer.

“He was arrested and detained and spent the night in cells,” Mr Haddow added.

The court found Ward, of Westaway Heights, Barnstaple, guilty of being drunk and disorderly and in possession of Class B drugs, after officers found cannabis and amphetamines on him.

Ward himself appeared remorseful after being ordered to pay a fine of £60 and sentenced to a community order with a supervision requirement for six months.

He said: “I did start using drugs and drinking. I have seen the error of my ways with that.”

The punishment wasn’t as severe as the one handed to one Scotsman in 2007 – he was put on the Sex Offenders Register for three years for trying to have sex with his bicycle.

Picture courtesy of 28704869, with thanks.

Story originally reported in This is North Devon.

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