Sunny Outlook For Rainy City Stories

By Paul Irving

UNIQUE new pieces of writing inspired by Manchester have been put together on an interactive map, on the website Rainy City Stories.


The website uses a Google map and, by clicking on icons in the form of clouds hovering over the city, visitors can access poems or stories connected to that location. 

The project editor, Kate Feld, said: “As long as it is a mappable location – a park, private address, a shop – we can site it there and this is shown in the diversity of places.” 

The website features pieces by famous local writers such as Jackie Kay, author of Trumpet, and Mike Duff, author of Low Life. 

But one of the big aims of the venture was to give new writers in Manchester an outlet.


Ms Feld is interested in the project as a collective response. 

She said: “As people can see we have brought together all these different voices to give an amazingly detailed picture of Manchester.” 

Ms Feld, an American, originally came to Manchester from New York seven years ago and when first arriving she was struck by the overwhelming number of writers she came across. 

“I already knew the depth of writing talent in the city so that wasn’t a surprise but I have been surprised at how people have got excited about the idea of the website,” she said.


Not all writing is accepted as the website is intended to give a valuable platform for up and coming writers but the number of entries means the editor has plenty to select from. 

The website has attracted interest nationally from The Guardian, a newspaper Ms Feld feels is particular embracing of new technology.

 The marriage of technology and writing is still in it’s infancy but Ms Feld feels they can help each other. 

“New media has a lot of benefits and can in some places breathe new life into something that people have been doing for thousands of years.”


People will need to visit the website soon to see it in its current form as it will be revamped in the summer. 

The website is supported with funding by the Arts Council, with an aim to inspire people into writing. 

Anyone who wants to visit the website or submit a story can access the site at

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