‘Sex pest’ doctor leered at and groped breasts of naked sedated patients, Manchester medical council hears

By Dean Wilkins

A ‘sex pest’ doctor accused of leering at and cupping the breasts of naked patients is appearing in front of a medical council in Manchester.

Dr Stephen Graham, 54, has previously been accused of sexual indecency by young nurses and is today alleged to have groped four women who were anaesthetised at the time.

The suspected incidents occurred while Dr Graham work as a consultant at Middlesbrough’s James Cook University Hospital.

Dr David Ryall, clinical director at James Cook Hospital, told the hearing that Sister Elaine Phoenix raised concerns about Dr Graham’s actions towards nurses: “She told me that some of the junior nursing staff  had come to her and expressed concern about the way Dr Graham interacted with them,” Dr Ryall told the panel.

“He touched them inappropriately and while they did not want to make a formal complaint, asked me to speak to him about it.

“I did not have any direct discussions with the nurses concerned as they found it difficult to come forward. I was told they felt he occasionally touched them inappropriately and made body contact they felt inappropriate.”

Dr Ryall tackled Dr Graham over the issue at a half-hour meeting.

“He appeared very surprised,” Dr Ryall added. “He seemed genuinely astonished that these concerns had been expressed. He did not really seem to understand what he may have done that had given rise to the allegations.”

Dr Graham is also accused of removing part of a theatre gown to expose one naked patient and leering at another unconscious woman being prepared for catheterisation.

The hearing was adjourned until tomorrow.


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