Charity Shop Receives Valuable Artwork

By Paul Irving

STAFF at a Manchester charity store were delighted to receive a donation of valuable artwork by Salford artist Tom Dodson.

The six signed limited-edition prints were taken into Oxfam on Oldham Street.

They are on sale for £50-£300 each but are worth considerably more according to Barbara Frankl the shop’s homeware manager.

The prints are dedicated to “Joyce” in the artist’s large handwriting on the back. Ms Frankl believes it was Joyce’s relatives who donated them.

The art was donated several weeks ago and Ms Frankl will try selling them in the shop but if this is not possible she will sell them at auction.

Dodson, who died in 1991, painted scenes of Lancashire life as it was in the 1920s and 30s.

The subjects of Dodson’s paintings are best summed up by their titles: “Backstreet bookie”, “Before the Match” and “Evening at Home”.

The original of one of the prints, “Fishergate, Preston”, is currently up for sale for £8000 at an art gallery.

Although valuable items occasionally appear in the shop the store is true to its roots.

“It is still easy for people to come in to the store and pick something up a bargain,” said Ms Frankl.

She believes the shop’s reputation is the secret to its success.

“Once people are attracted to the store as customers they tend to start making donations themselves,” she said.

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