There may be more out there: Grenade threat warning issued by GMP Chief Constable, as second man arrested

By Dean Wilkins

A second man is being quizzed by officers in connection with the murders of two officers in Hyde yesterday, and Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy is warning his force to be vigilant of a grenade threat.

The 28-year-old was arrested in Hattersly on suspicion of conspiracy to murder after Nicola Hughes, 23, and Fiona Bone, 32, were shot dead in Abbey Gardens.

The serving officers were lured to a false burglary call at a home in east Manchester – only to find one of the country’s most-wanted criminals hiding in ambush.

The two were shot dead and a grenade was thrown during the incident – and chief constable Sir Peter Fahy said that although some grenades had been recovered from the area, they could not be sure that officers are not in further danger.

“We are not confident that we have recovered all the grenades,” he said.

“We don’t know for certain, so we’ve made it clear to our officers that there is still a threat.

“I would want that to be the message, this has been a long-standing criminal feud between different outfits in Manchester and in the Tameside area, and that threat is very much there.

“As we’ve indicated as part of this inquiry we’ve had to issue essentially what we call Osman warnings, threat notices, to a large number of individuals who we felt could be at risk as a result of this particular series of events.”

The family of Miss Bone – who was killed at the scene of the attack – have flown over from the Isle of Man today to witness where their daughter and partner Miss Hughes were shot.

“I would like to say how impressed we’ve been by the dignity of these families,” he added.

“Both have said how proud they were of Nicola and Fiona, and how proud those two officers were to serve the public.

“Both families have separately said that their loved ones died doing the job they loved.”

One member of the force said that one of the officers’ Tasers was found out of its holster a as they pair tried to defend themselves from ‘at least ten shots’.

Sir Peter also said that GMP did not have any intelligence about the address being linked to Cregan and that there was nothing to indicate there was any unusual threat.

Pictures courtesy of @SaddleworthNews

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