Sick Savile should lose knighthood: Manchester sex abuse victim demands Sir Jimmy is stripped of title

By Dean Wilkins

Sir Jimmy Savile should be stripped of his knighthood following dozens of child abuse allegations, claims a Manchester woman – who regularly had sex with the BBC star aged just 15.

The victim, now 62, met the children’s entertainer at a disco in Manchester more 45 years ago and was invited back to his Salford love pad.

The mum-of-two, of Wythenshawe, is now calling for Savile to lost his title and claimed he was disappointed when they met for sex and she had changed out of her school uniform.

“To hear him still described as Sir Jimmy Savile and still celebrated for his charity work is a slap in the face to those of us he used,” he said.

“I was 15 when we started, but 15 in 1966 was probably like nine today. I had a flat chest and was only starting puberty.

“By the time I turned 18 and was more like a women, he lost interest and denied even knowing me.”

Savile, who died aged 84, is believed to have abused young girls and boys across six decades and up to 70 victims have come forward to police.

The government said shortly after the star’s actions were brought to light that they could not take away his knighthood as he was dead.

The allegations continue to grow two weeks after the shocking ITV documentary exploring the sex abuse claims was broadcast.

The woman’s solicitor said: “Many people are now coming forward in the North West to make complaints.

“Jimmy Savile, who used to live and work in Manchester, was idolised by many young girls.

“The growing number of claims is alarming and victims who suffered such abuse should report their abuse to the police in an effort to at least tell someone in authority what has been going on, even though their alleged abuser is no longer alive.”

Dame Janet Smith, a former High Court judge, will lead the BBC’s internal investigations into the sex abuse claims and question staff members who are believed to have been aware of his actions, but did nothing to prevent them.

The Department of Health will also launch inquiries into Savile’s behaviour at htree hospitals – Stoke Mandeville, Broadmoor and Leeds General Infirmary.

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