Four men jailed for catalogue of robberies across Manchester involving axes, hammers and… tree branches

By Lauren Hirst & Lucy Kenderdine

Four men were jailed today after pleading guilty to a string of robberies across Greater Manchester – some involving an axe, a hammer or even a tree branch.

Collectively, they took part in 29 offences dating from June 7, 2011, until January 18, 2012, amassing around £70,000 worth of cash and goods including cigarettes and alcohol.

Gareth Massett, 28, of no fixed abode, was given a seven and a half year sentence for his part in 13 robberies; eight of which included weapons.

Father of two, Luke Peters, 25, of Tetbury Road, Woodhouse Park, was given a sentence of six years for his involvement with eight robberies; two of which were armed.

Getaway driver, Henry Tucker, 38, of Royalthorn Drive, Wythenshawe, was given a sentence of six years for his part in 12 robberies; eight of which were armed.

The last of the four men, Paul Dunn, 24, of St Pauls Court, Bury, was given a sentence of nine years for his involvement after already serving time for a previous conviction for robbery.

Mr Justice Lever, who passed the sentences, said all four men had committed a ‘catalogue of offences’.

The men targeted small business including the Co-operative in Warrington, Toby Carvery in Bury and Rising Sun pub in Macclesfield.

In some of the robberies the men were armed with weapons such as an axe, a hammer and tree branches which were used as intimidation tools in the crimes.

No one was seriously injured in the offences however witnesses described their shock and distress in the aftermath of the robberies, the court heard.

Justice Lever said: “It must have been absolutely terrifying for these people in these business, shops and pubs to be visited with these robberies, a number of them with weapons.”

The court also heard that each of the defendants were remorseful for their actions and planned to pursue ‘a life free from crime’ following their release.

Image courtesy of 0Four, with thanks.

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