Callous shop worker who attempted to steal pensioners’ winning lottery ticket to be sentenced in Manchester

By Dean Wilkins

A heartless shop worker who attempted to steal a winning lottery ticket from an elderly couple in Oldham was jailed for 30 months today.

Farrakh Nizzar, 30, of Woodlands Road, Crumpsall, pleaded guilty to fraud by false representation in July at Oldham Magistrates’ Court after attempting to hoodwink 77-year-old Maureen Holt.

The shop worker scanned Mrs Holt’s jackpot EuroMillions ticket and told her she had not won anything – he then phoned the Lottery hotline to claim the £1million prize as his winning ticket.

Detective Constable Kate Carnally said: “Nizzar’s actions were at best foolish, and at worst, extremely cruel.

“He knew this woman had a winning ticket and chose to lie to her, deliberately duping her out of a life-changing sum of money that would have meant financial security for her and her husband in their retirement.

“Whether it was a moment of madness in which he was blinded by the prospect of becoming a millionaire only he can know, but to cheat an elderly woman and try and claim the money for himself was both callous and underhand, but thankfully he did not get away with his scam.”

His spineless con unravelled when it was revealed the ticket was purchased using Mrs Holt’s Tesco Clubcard at a different store to the one Nizzar claimed.

Detective Constable Carnally added: “Nizzar has been brought to justice and just as importantly, the genuine owner of the ticket has been paid out what was always rightfully hers.”

Mrs Holt and her husband Fred, 80, were on holiday at the time of the draw but have since been rightfully awarded their windfall.

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