BBC pull plug on Good Cop climax in respect of Manchester police officers shot dead in bogus burglary call

By Dean Wilkins

As Greater Manchester Police join the family and friends in mourning for two officers shot dead in Hyde, the BBC announced they will postpone the final episode of Good Cop tonight.

The climax of the TV drama was due to air tonight and features a scene of a female officer being violently attacked – however the corporation will not show it in respect of Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bones.

Former Hollyoaks and Luther actor Warren Brown stars in the show, but the BBC will join more than 35,000 people in showing respect for the two murdered officers.

“In light of news events, BBC One has postponed the final episode of Good Cop due to transmit at 9pm tonight,” a spokesman said.

BBC chiefs are eager to avoid any further distress for the friends, colleagues and family of the WPCs who lost their lives after attending a ‘bogus burglary’ call on Tuesday.

The two serving officers attended a property in Hattersly – unfortunately they were allegedly lured their by GMP’s most-wanted criminal Dale Cregan.

The rescheduling for Good Cop is yet to be announced by the BBC.

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