Welsh police given 24-hour extension to quiz Manchester man arrested over murders of three in arson attack

By Dean Wilkins

Detectives are being given a 24-hour extension to continue questioning a Manchester man on suspicion of murdering three people in an arson attack on Tuesday.

Carl Mills, 27, was arrested by Gwent Police after Kim Buckley, 46, her 17-year-old daughter Kayleigh and her six-month-old baby Kimberley were killed in the horror blaze.

The home in Cwmbran, south Wales, was destroyed in the fierce arson attack – Kayleigh was still coming to terms with the loss of her baby in child birth.

“A 24-hour warrant of further detention was granted by Caerphilly Magistrates Court this afternoon,” a police spokesman said for Gwent. “Officers are continuing to investigate the cause and the circumstances surrounding the fire.”

Five fire stations and approximately 30 firefighters quickly arrived at the scene of the incident at around 3.30am and fire crews battled to extinguish the fire rescue the family trapped inside.

The community on the estate where the blaze happened has been torn apart by the incident and many are struggling to cope with what happened.

Kim Buckley was described as a ‘popular’ and ‘loving’ grandmother who was well liked on the estate.

But some members have revealed the fiery relationship she shared with Kayleigh’s boyfriend Mills.

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