MI5 child sex abuse alleged cover-up for Sir Cyril Smith must be investigated, demands Rochdale MP

By Dean Wilkins

An MI5 cover-up operation to mask allegations of child sex abuse made against Sir Cyril Smith must be investigated, a Rochdale MP is demanding.

Labour’s Simon Danczuk accused the former Rochdale MP Smith of historic cases of abuse against boys and he is now calling on the Home Secretary to launch in enquiry into spies helping to conceal the molestation scandal.

Mr Danczuk said that young boys at a hostel were targeted by Smith and pushed Theresa May to probe why allegations made at the time of the incidents were not deemed ‘public interest’ and what role the government played.

“Following my comments about Cyril Smith’s abuse of boys, I understand the Crown Prosecution Service has now located investigation files against Mr Smith from the 1960s,” he said.

“Can the Home Secretary now look at whether it’s true the Director of Public Prosecutions at the time received a second opinion recommending Smith be prosecuted and why he concluded it was not in the public interest.

“What role, if any the Security Service played and how the government now intends getting to the bottom of what several former police officers are now referring to as ‘a cover-up’?”

Mr Danczuk shook Parliament last week with the shocking news that Sir Cyril was well known for sex abuse and police had dropped the cases more than 40 years ago.

He added that files had been made about the incidents in Rochdale but they had since ‘vanished’ and police must reopen their investigation to get justice for the victims.

A police spokesman revealed that no official complaints of abuse had yet been made but urged anyone with concerns to contact officers immediately.

“While we take matters such as this extremely seriously, we have not received any further allegations and at this time there is no ongoing investigation in relation to this matter,” the spokesman said.

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