I won’t assassinate you, if you pay up! Overseas scammers threaten Manchester workers with chilling emails

By Henry Vaughan

A scam email claiming to be from a sympathetic assassin is attempting to trick unwary recipients into handing over cash to reveal details of a contract taken out on them.

Police are warning that in the email, which has been circulating in Lancashire officers, the fraudster offers to forgo his job in return for a large sum of money.

He will then offer proof of who has taken out the ‘hit’ for even more cash, while warning the reader not to contact police or tell friends or family.

DC Mark Aldridge, of Lancashire Constabulary’s Economic Crime Unit, said: “Anybody receiving this kind of email could feel intimidated and genuinely concerned that their safety is at risk. In actual fact this email is simply a spin-off from other emails designed to scam the public out of their money.

“The police take these matters extremely seriously, however, the poor English used is indicative of the fact that this scam originates from overseas.

“This makes investigation extremely difficult due to the various jurisdictional issues. We are looking into the matter but if anybody receives such emails our advice is to simply block the sender and delete the email.”

These types of scam emails are sent to a large number of people within a targeted group in the hope that one or more will respond and be drawn further into the scam.

To report a fraud call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or use the online reporting tool.

Picture courtesy of motti82, with thanks

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