Stockport schoolchildren name six new environmentally-friendly Stagecoach buses

By Jamie Metcalfe

Stockport schoolchildren are hoping six new environmentally-friendly buses which they named will reduce Stagecoach’s carbon footprint in the area.

Stagecoach’s £750,000 investment will see six more fuel effecient buses take to the streets, which pupils from Hillcrest Grammar, Adswood and St Thomas’ Primary Schools named in the Name That Bus competition.

The winning names – Queenie, Mr  Zoomer,  Sophie, Stage-crest, Bizzy Bus and Steering you to Success – were presented by the pupils on colourful posters at Stagecoach’s investment unveiling on March 13.

As a reward for their creativity, Stagecoach Manchester’s managing director Christopher Bowles presented each child with a £50 worth of high street vouchers to be spent on equipment for their schools.

Local councillor Philip Harding was delighted with Stagecoach’s investment. He said: “The new vehicles will not only improve the experience of bus users in the area, but also help to decrease the carbon footprint in Stockport.”

NAME THAT BUS: ‘Steering You To Success’ and the teachers and pupils from
Adswood Primary School

Mr Bowles announced: “It’s important that we continue to grow and improve our services and we hope that the addition of these vehicles to our fleet will ensure an even higher standard of travel for our loyal customers in the area.”

Stagecoach Manchester is committed to ensuring bus travel is as safe and as environmentally friendly as possible. As a result, each bus contains a voice-enabled CCTV system and is more fuel efficient.

Stagecoach Manchester have been praised for their work within the community and in 2010 were proclaimed the ‘Bus Operator of the Year’ at the National Transport Awards. The company transports around 98million passengers a year and provides employment for over 1,800 staff from Greater Manchester.

Simon Crane, the Assistant Head at Hillcrest Grammar said: “Bus travel remains an important part of transport to and from School, not only for Hillcrest pupils but for thousands of pupils in and around Stockport.”

On behalf of Hillcrest Grammar School, he praised Stagecoach Manchester’s investment in the community and declared he was ‘extremely proud that Hillcrest pupils, along with children from other local schools, have shown their imagination in naming the new Stagecoach buses’.

The buses were launched straight after the ribbon cutting ceremony and have joined the 700 other buses Stagecoach Manchester runs in South Manchester. So, if you live around Brinnington keep an eye out for the sparkling new buses which will be used along 325 route.

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