The ‘Secret’ Millionaire reveals true identity and donates funds to Moston-based theatre company

By Kevin Benson

A Moston-based theatre company will feature on Channel 4’s award-winning documentary The Secret Millionaire at 9pm tonight.

The programme follows London-based businessman Matthew Newbury as he helps behind the scenes at MaD Theatre Company, who works with disadvantaged children.

Rob Lees, Director at MaD said that he, and other directors, initially believed the new volunteer was there to gain experience and develop his skills.  

He said: “I thought he looked quite nervous at first but he seemed to be a nice bloke.”

The company were told that Mr Newbury was taking part in a television programme about people with disabilities accessing mainstream groups.

Little did they know that he was a secret millionaire looking for charities to help and that good fortune would soon be coming their way.

Mr Newbury spent three days with the company before deciding to support them by paying for a new state of the art lighting system.

Mr Newbury said: “I feel honoured that I am able to support MaD with their high quality, innovative and original productions.”

Mr Newbury, who is a successful businessman, also runs an up-and-coming theatre production company.

Upon leaving school his interest in theatre, which started out as a hobby, quickly grew into a passion.

Mr Newbury said that the energy the children showed at MaD made him feel all the more comfortable.

He said: “It was really nice to nice to see a group of kids who are engaging in theatre in the way I was engaged with theatre when I was that age.”

“To be able to take part in something like that and see a load of kids with similar mindsets made me feel really comfortable,” he added.

Mr Newbury has even been generous enough to take a group of children from the company down to London over the summer to watch a West End production.

Mr Lees said that MaD were very honoured to have been chosen to take part in the programme and added that it would be interesting to see the response.

“We’re really grateful to Matthew for supporting the work we do here at MaD. And we are really looking forward to using the new lights for the first time,” he said.

MaD will be appearing at The Edge in Chorlton as part of the Chorlton Arts Festival on Wednesday May 23 and 3MT in Afflecks Palace from June 13 to 16.

The Secret Millionaire will be shown tonight on Channel 4 at 9pm.

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