Slegdehammer trio jailed for 38 years after stealing more than £90,000 from Manchester cash delivery van

By Alex Bysouth

Three robbers who stole more than £90,000 during a high-value robbery in Whitefield were jailed for 38 years today.

The trio were jailed for a combined total of 38 years after the planned attack on March 29.

The men, all in their 20s, emptied the cash delivery driver near Morrison’s on Stanley Road before escaping in a stolen car.

Detective Constable Richard Castley said: “Today’s outcome is the result of a significant investigation by Greater Manchester Police’s Robbery Unit in to those intent on planning and executing high value robberies, in a sophisticated manner, where victims are left feeling terrified.

“The offenders in this case have shown that they were willing to use violence to get what they wanted and I hope that this result sends a clear message to how seriously GMP takes offences of this nature.”

Aaron and Jamie Corkovic pleaded guilty to robbery and counts of blackmail and were both jailed for 13 years, while Lee Waring was found guilty after a trial of robbery and jailed for 12 years.

A guard was struck on the head with a sledgehammer during the attack, but did not suffer any serious injuries.

SMILING: Lee Waring (middle) grins after being caught by police for robbery

After snatching the money the men made off in a stolen Volkswagen Passat displaying false vehicle registration plates.

A short while after the offence, in a bid to escape the police, the offenders attacked several members of the public in attempt to steal their vehicles.

GMP subsequently arrested the offenders, recovering the stolen money.

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