Altrincham’s Belgian favourite Le Trappiste to reopen as international beer bar

By Kevin McHugh

Altrincham’s specialist beer scene is proving that, although times are tough, people are still prepared to pay for quality.

It’s an often repeated fact that during this time of austerity bars and pubs have been closing down all over the country, unable to cope with the drop off in customers who have decided to stay at home and save money.

But contrary to this trend, some of Altrincham’s most expensive haunts are managing to weather the storm.

Owner of the town’s award winning Le Trappiste cafe bar, Martin Mathews, says the difference is down to quality and variety.

“People have always been receptive to the beers, and they have always appreciated the quality,” said Mr Mathews.

“They don’t mind paying the consummate price for a quality product.”

Le Trappiste, on Shaws Road, is set to be rebranded and will open again as The Brew House on 3 November.

The decision to undertake the change was brought about by the recent implementation of higher tax rates on beers with over 7.5 percent alcohol, meaning the Belgian style bar would be forced to charge prohibitive prices for a selection of its imported drinks.

The new establishment won’t limit itself to Belgian beverages and will also offer drinks from as far afield as the Netherlands, Denmark, North America and Hawaii – as well as beers like Marble and Brew Dog from innovative UK breweries.

The beers were selected in consultation with Le Trappiste’s regulars. Mr Mathews explained: “We have talked about the styles of beer we are bringing in and they are very receptive to them.”

Altrincham has seen other specialist bars spring up in the area, adding to the town’s credentials as the discerning drinker’s choice, but Mr Mathews thinks the area has reached the point of saturation and has considered branching out into other parts of Manchester – taking the esteemed bar brand with him.

“I don’t think we have seen the last of Le Trappiste by any means!”

Le Trappiste closes with a party on 29 October. To reserve a table call 0161 941 1981.

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