Riding into history: Snowboarders grab world record at Manchester’s indoor snow slope Chill Factore

By Pippa Field

Talented thrill-seekers grabbed themselves a new Guinness World Record for the most people in a snowboard trick relay at Manchester’s Chill Factore yesterday.

Set a challenge of 50 Indie grabs – a trick involving grabbing the side of the board midair – the snowboarders smashed the target with a total of 54.

Trafford’s deputy major Dylan Butt clarified the record on behalf of Guinness World Records alongside former professional boarder Vickie Pullin – and the former British snowboarder was delighted with the result.

“It was awesome,” the 27-year-old said. “They did rad, it was never in doubt, not for a second.

“Pretty much everyone made it as well which was really good to see. Good times had by all.”

After a series of practice runs, more than 60 people, ranging in age from nine years to their mid-30s, took part in the record-breaking attempt off a mini jump.

Only safely landed efforts involving grabs made midair between the feet counted, with Pullin impressed by the standard on display.

“It’s a good turn out and a good mix of people,” she added.

“There’s some really impressive rides around and there’s some really awesome kids around.”

Her thoughts were echoed by the deputy major, who also expressed his pride that Trafford had got themselves a world record.

“I think it was tremendous,” he said.

“It was good to see youngsters getting involved. I am proud that Trafford has got such a facility allowing us to develop talent that can compete with the best.”

One of the youngest boarders to compete was GB Elite Junior Snowboarder and British Junior Champion Tomski Robinson from Urmston.

The 11-year-old – who is sponsored by the Chill Factore – completed the trick with ease and was delighted to help get into the world record book.

“I feel really good, you see the people in the book and you don’t think you are going to be in it,” said Tomski.

And it was not just Mancunians who took to the slopes to break to record.

John Neville, 25, who was the second boarder to attempt the trick, explained he had travelled all the way from Liverpool to take part.

“I’m chuffed really, it’s great to be here amongst other snowboarders and to achieve something at the same time,” he said.

Opened in 2007, Chill Factore is the UK’s longest indoor real snow slope and offers skiing, snowboarding and other snow activities.

And after successfully breaking a Guinness World Record last year for the longest line of skiers, the centre was keen to give snowboarders a chance.

Joe Murgatroyd, a spokesman for Brazen PR, the company that helped to organise the event, was happy with the positive outcome.

“A lot of time and effort has gone into it so we are happy that the snowboarders have achieved it and we’re really glad for them,” he said.

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