Evicted: Bury council tenant who caused disruption to neighbours with shouting, screaming and fighting

By Tui Benjamin

Accused of being a nuisance and annoyance to his neighbours, a Bury man was evicted from his council property last week after being found guilty of antisocial behaviour.

Michael Chadwick, 29, of Bealey Drive, was evicted on December 13 after neighbours documented 50 instances of shouting, screaming and fighting with his girlfriend, who stayed over regularly, as well as loud music being played.

Despite Mr Chadwick receiving three official tenancy warnings, residents continued to complain of antisocial behaviour and the council was granted a warrant by Bury County Court to remove him from the Six Town Housing resident on October 26.

David Fettis, 68, main complainant against Mr Chadwick, said it was terrific news.

 “Nobody likes to see anyone evicted from their home, but this person was given every opportunity to amend his ways but chose to ignore it,” he said.

“I can now get my life back on track”.

A hearing was scheduled for December 6 after Mr Chadwick applied to suspend the warrant of eviction but a judge upheld the original decision and ordered Mr Chadwick to vacate the property forthwith.

Mr Chadwick, who was unavailable for comment, is apparently now staying with friends.

A Six Town Housing spokesman said Mr Chadwick can apply for a property in 12 months time but that Bury Council has no duty of care to rehouse him.

“At present he has no priority and is intentionally homeless,” the spokesman said, intentional homelessness defined by Shelter as being termed homeless by a local authority due to doing or failing to do something

Mr Chadwick was first brought to the attention of the housing association two years ago but issues only recently culminated in the necessity of applying for the eviction.

A representative from the Six Town Housing Antisocial Behaviour Team said they take a zero tolerance approach to antisocial behaviour and will take action against tenants causing a nuisance to their neighbours.

“We work with partner agencies to ensure tenants are provided with the right opportunities, help and support throughout the antisocial behaviour process to amend their behaviour,” the spokesman added.

“If the situation does not change this can lead to legal action, including eviction where necessary.”

According to Shelter statistics, in 2011 there were 2,648 households in Bury on council housing waiting lists.

By the second quarter of 2012 there were 9020 council and housing association tenants in Bury, and 34 households accepted as homeless.

Six Town Housing is an arm’s length management organisation set up in April 2005 to manage Bury Council’s housing stock.  

Picture courtesy of tombothetominator, with thanks.

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