Unique gin distilling company offers a taster session at Manchester cocktail bar

By Jimmy Booker

A Manchester cocktail bar yesterday played host to a taster session for an up and coming drinks company – ran from its founder’s back garden.

Epernay Champagne and Cocktail bar welcomed the creator of Sacred Gin, Ian Hart, who distils every single drop of his product at his home.

Ian established Sacred Microdistillery in 2009 in a wendy house in the back garden at his London home, and is keen to promote the idea of smaller companies breaking into and operating as part of the drinks industry.

“Part of the appeal of the brand is that we’re not a multi billion pound organisation controlling the market. I think it’s quite a refreshing antidote to this massive global drinks industry.

“Also, if you look at the wine market, people look up to the lesser companies that produce better quality products.

“Hopefully our method of production can inspire other people to do it like this as well.”

In a talk given to Manchester bartenders, followed by a gin tasting session for members of the public in the evening, Sacred Gin gave Mancunians an insight into their business and provided a selection of different gin flavours for people to try.

Ian has experimented in distillation since the tender age of 11, and his interest in science as a youngster led him to graduate from Cambridge University with a degree in Natural Sciences.

Science and experimentation have played a huge role in Ian’s production process, and he admits that all of his successful recipes and development methods are down to a lot of hard work and trial and error.

“My first recipe to our final recipes took up 100% of my time, and altogether about nine months trial and error, perhaps longer.

“You cannot change a recipe once you see that people like it, and you see that’s what people want – they specifically want that recipe.

Whilst his own method of distillation is not his own original invention, what is unique to Sacred Gin is the special ‘Open Sauce’ kits that they create.

With twelve botanical distillates available, you can create your very own gin by mixing the flavours to a blend that suits you.

Ian turned to drinks production after the slow economic climate forced him to leave his previous role as a high-flying city head hunter.

Now, after finding his feet, his company are selling around 1200 bottles a month, with the capacity still for much more, even from running the distillery from his own home. 

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