Salford University housing plan met with mixed response

By Samantha Cordon

Plans for 2000 student rooms to be built at the University of Salford have been met with a mixed reaction.

The development, which was approved last week, will see three blocks of accommodation built at the university’s Peel Park campus.

Vice Chancellor Professor Martin Hall said: “The new student residences form an important part of our plan to transform our University campus and the role we play in supporting the regeneration of Salford.”

Cllr Stephen Coen said he feels that the historical context of the park should have been considered by the planning committee.

He said: “It’s the world’s oldest public park, a green space meant for the people of Salford.”

The removal of a 500 space car park and replacing it with halls of residence housing 2000 students will have obvious knock on effects for neighbouring streets and the availability of spaces.

One impact that the University is keen to stress it is concerned about is the environmental affect the development will have on its surroundings.

Bec Bennett, the university’s environmental and sustainability officer, said: “Our wildlife on campus is very important to us and throughout this work, our ecologist is looking at the protection of existing habitats and assessing and monitoring the tree removal process to ensure no adverse impact on wildlife as a result of our work.”

But David Henry, of Salford Green Party, hit back and said that he does not feel the development will have a positive effect on conservation in the area or on the river, which is a haven for many species of wildlife including otters.

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