Blind Oldham teenager releases charity single Take It Away to battle youth suicide

By Mancunian Matters staff

A blind Oldham teenager is raising funds to help fight youth suicide by releasing a charity single today.

Richard Howarth, 19, co-wrote and recorded Take It Away with aspiring rapper JY in aid of national suicide prevention charity PAPYRUS after his own struggles with depression in college.

He teamed up with R&B singer Steelo 1 and producers Nitin Jadva and Tom Vernon, who has worked with Jessie J and George Michael, to record the track at a London studio.

Richard, who sings under the name Xprki, said: “I’ve always wanted to record a charity single, and when I looked for people on the internet I discovered the best two producers I could have ever found.

“It was the most surreal experience singing with such talented singers and producers. 

“Working with Tom was fantastic and when I met Steelo 1 we just gelled and it felt as though a top song-writing and singing duo was born.

“All I want now is the single to sell well to raise as much money as we can for PAPYRUS, so we can help put a stop to the useless waste of life and talent that is lost through teenage suicide. 

“I hope the single will go far and I wish that it will make it into the top 40, but who knows,” added Richard.

The keen singer, who is taking a gap year to concentrate on music after attending the Royal National College for the Blind, has already released two unofficial Paralympics songs.

‘Take It Away’ is available sale on iTunes, eMusic, Amazon, Rapsody, and Spotify and proceeds will go the PAPYRUS. Listen to the single now online:

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