Weird World: Facebook addict hires woman to slap his face to combat work time prowling

By Phil Jones

A Facebook addict is taking his self-made rehab methods to extreme levels after employing a woman to slap him across the face every time he uses the site in work.

Californian computer programmer Maneesh Sethi calculated he spent approximately 19 hours a week browsing social media sites so came up with the extreme idea to curb his timewasting.

Mr Sethi placed an advert on classifieds site Craigslist, and since hiring Kara at $8-an-hour (£5) his productivity has apparently quadrupled.

He wrote on his website: “I figured ‘This is stupid, why am I wasting this time doing nothing? When I have a boss, or someone of authority watching me, I always get my work done. How can I simulate the authority figure?’

“Naturally, I believe that an authority figure should have real authority.

“Having worked mostly alone, on my computer, I found that the majority of my time is spent unproductively.

“Nothing makes me more embarrassed than seeing the amount of hours I spend wasted on Reddit and Facebook chat.”

There is even a video on YouTube of Kara performing her duties as Mr Sethi works in a café.

Despite the extreme lengths Mr Sethi has gone to in search of increased productivity, time spent on social media is a serious workplace problem.

Bosses in Greater Manchester should beware after an August survey by money-saving website Voucher Codes Pro found workers spend almost one working day a week on social media sites.

The survey of 1,000 office workers showed an average of 7.5 hours a week is spent browsing Facebook, Twitter and the like, not including lunch breaks.

Voucher Codes decided to conduct the research having noticed much of the traffic on its site occurred between 9am and 5pm.

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