Rapids! fuse with Manchester

By Jade Verity

Manchester’s music scene has struck yet again and found another dark indie band.

Rapids! (Yes it’s with an exclamation mark) are the latest up and coming indie band that are hitting the big time.

They describe themselves as “Optimistically ignorant in this realistically cynical world.”

Hailing from the perhaps un-indie town of Bournemouth, the band has quickly come to the notice of bands and radio alike.

They were signed to Heist or Hit Records in June of this year, which is based in Manchester and London.

Their tour with The Answering Machine came through Manchester and stopped off at Deaf Institute.

Rob Murray, one of the bands guitarists, said: “Deaf Institute was fun, it was the first date of our UK tour, a great venue and great crowd.

“It was all good except Matt nearly fell off the stage and nearly knocked himself out.”

The band consists of Matt Holliday (Vocals & Synthesizer), James Davies (Drums & Vocals), Rob Murray (Guitar), Steve DaCosta (Guitar) and Tim Richards (Bass).

They all met in rather unusual circumstances, on the set of Avatar in June 2009.

They were all working as runners, and the rest they say is history.

Heist have got Rapids! tracks played on radio stations such as Radio 1, BBC 6 and XFM.

Rapids! have been described as sitting comfortably between Foals and Tubelord and giving English music a twisted kick up the a**e.

Their latest single “Fuses” was played on Sky One’s Soccer AM and is playing in Topshop and Topman up and down the country.

Rob said: “I went in to Topman and it was on, it was so surreal, considering what the song is about, it’s pretty ironic people are going to be going about doing their shopping and stuff and just living out this standard life, completely unaware they are acting out what the song is about.

“But it’s hugely exciting people all around the country will hear our music while they make themselves look pretty/dashing, it’s a very nice feeling.”

They have played at Manchester before at the In The City festival and loved the city then.

Matt Holliday said: “We love Manchester. It’s got a great vibe and we’re really big fans of so many of the bands from there, be it New Order or Dutch Uncles.”

Heist or Hit Records spokesman said: “Heist expects great things from Rapids! even if the exclamation mark does make a mockery of Heist’s previously perfect grammar.

“The rumours that Heist signed a band from Bournemouth in the height of summer just for the free holidays on the south coast are completely unfounded.”

The band are currently back in the studio, working on their next project.

Matt said: “We’re taking time out to write up until New Year and then the machine will start up again, and we really cannot wait.

“But at this very second, we’re watching Iron Man on DVD in our house.”

Rapids! are planning to release their next record in spring 2011, which will be supported by a UK tour.

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