Anti-monarchy protesters greet The Queen on Manchester visit

By Ian Silvera & Sean-Paul Doran

Not everyone was in the mood to welcome Her Majesty The Queen to Manchester today.

Members of the anti-monarchy campaign group Republic unfurled banners and chanted as she arrived at Manchester Town Hall for lunch.

Rory Evans, 47, originally from Kent and organiser for Republic in the North West, said that he wanted an open discussion about a democratically elected head of state.

Mr Evans and 14 of his co-protestors stood outside Manchester Town Hall shouting ‘make monarchy history’ and ‘elect our head of state’.

Discussing an electable head of state, Mr Evans said: “Why don’t we make Brian Cox our head of state – he’s popular.”

He added: “We’ve had an unelected head of state for 60 years now and we haven’t even had a critical interview from her.

“It’s not that I don’t want her or Prince Philip to be our head of state, it’s that they haven’t been elected by the people of this country and aren’t politically impartial – Prince Charles has been known to meddle in political affairs.”

PROTEST: Members of Republic protest against the monarchy in Albert Square

Mr Evans was frustrated with the media’s coverage of the monarchy, he said: “Andrew Marr’s documentary on the Queen was gushing and sycophantic – we’ve even sent a complaint to the BBC about it.”

Republic are a 20,000 strong campaigning group who attempt to persuade the British public to support a democratic alternative to the monarchy.

You can visit their website here:

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