Hundreds greet The Queen as she arrives for lunch at Manchester Town Hall

By Ian Silvera & Sean-Paul Doran

Hundreds of people turned up to welcome Her Majesty The Queen to Manchester Town Hall this afternoon.

The Monarch, who has already visited MediaCityUK as part of a tour of Manchester and Salford, is due to have lunch at the Town Hall before viewing a special Jubilee Garden in Albert Square.

Ronald Oates, 66, a British Legion veteran served in the Warwickshire fusiliers and military police made the journey especially.

He attended an event in London in the 1970s but said that it wasn’t as big as the Albert Square celebrations today.

He said “The Queen and family do a really good job. They install stability and I can relate to them.

Manchester-born Paul Clarkson, in his fifties, lives in Dilly, Cheshire said that he believes that the royal family still has a role in modern society.

He said: “I’m excited that the Queen is coming today I still think she’s very relevant in our society.”

Dorothy Higginson, 66, from Manchester, saw the Queen when she visited Manchester Cathedral in 2007, but is no less enthusiastic the second time around.

“I’m so excited, I’ve been on the internet all week looking for the time of the visit. The Queen installs stability in our country and I’ve grown up with her – I couldn’t think what it would be like without her,” she said.

And the excitement isn’t just limited to Mancunians. Germans Jana Seuche, 18, and Valuria Danckwer, 20, are on a voluntary gap year with the Anglican church.

They are staying in Dilly, Cheshire, and made the journey to Manchester early this morning in the hope of catching a glimpse of her.

Jana said: “We love the pomp and circumstance of it all because we don’t have a head of state in Germany, we only have the Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and she isn’t someone we get excited about.”

Valuria nodded in agreement and said: “Even though we are living in Cheshire we wanted to make the journey into Manchester to see the Queen because it something we don’t have in Germany, there’s so much history in the UK.”

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