Jubilee tour: Diversity of Manchester turnout proves the monarchy is still relevant

By Sean-Paul Doran

Suggestions that The Queen might not still hold relevance in today’s society were dismissed during her visit to the Manchester Town Hall today.

It’s estimated that helping to fund the Royal Family costs each British taxpayer between 65p-70p annually, although this varies from year to year.

Despite holding a largely symbolic place as the head of this country, opinion is divided whether or not the Royal Family are worth the money in these times of economic hardship vast gaps between the rich and the poor.

AFTER DINNER: The Queen emerges following her lunch at the Town Hall

The diverse range of people who greeted Her Majesty today in Albert Square would suggest that The Queen still appeals to people across genders, ages, and cultural backgrounds. As one would expect, almost everyone who greeted her today were staunchly patriotic and keenly welcomed her visit.

Just a handful of protestors from anti-monarchy group Republic showed their disapproval.

However, the views of a group of people welcoming the Queen to Manchester cannot be considered as representative of society as a whole.

FIRM FAN: There’s no doubt where Manchester resident William Kendal’s loyalties lie

Manchester resident William Kendal was one of just two members of the crowd to have presented The Queen with flowers, having waited in the Square since 9.30am to get a prime vantage point. He dismissed the idea of The Queen lacking relevance in a modern society, but agreed that opinion is split between the younger generations.

He said: “I and a few of my friends are great fans of the Monarchy but I have a few friends who aren’t.

I just don’t think that they relate to the Monarchy because it’s not their era.”

CUT WITH A CHAINSAW: Prince Philip couldn’t believe the process

Nicola Irons, 26, from Manchester, agreed the younger generation aren’t as receptive of the Queen and the Royal Family as a whole.

“There’s been a culture change in Britain and a lot of people don’t appreciate the history anymore,” she said.

Demonstrative group Republic voiced their opinion that the Monarchy is an unaccountable institution, unrepresentative of modern Britain.

“They haven’t been elected by the people of this country and aren’t politically impartial,” they said.

FIT FOR A QUEEN: The sculpture also acts as a throne

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